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A change at the top for TECHNIK

5th December 2016

‘TECHNIK are delighted to announce that David Newall has joined the company as head of the Veterinary and Animal Charities Division. David brings with him over 20 years’

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Dorwest To The Rescue

5th October 2016

Herbal experts Dorwest will not only be helping thousands of pets keep calm this firework season but rescue dogs as well. Dorwest is extending their calming hand this year to

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Super Premium Pero: fresh new packaging, comprehensive ingredient information and quality natural foods

15th August 2016

Over the past 30 years experience, our natural dog product range and expertise has consistently expanded to meet our customers increased expectations. We add new ingredients

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Update from TBM

29th February 2016

TBM would like to  clarify a few points regarding the above article in the March/April issue, as we understand that some of the information has led to confusion about

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InformPet Takes Oral Health Fight To TV Screens

17th November 2015

Inform Pet has launched its first ever TV advertising campaign in partnership with Guerillascope. Unveiled in support of ProDen PlaqueOff Animal – for which Inform Pet is

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